Callowfit Raspberry 300ml


Callowfit Raspberry 300ml




Callowfit® raspberry sauce has an exceptionally natural and intense flavor, which is due to natural aromas and, above all, to a thick raspberry puree; intense in taste, the naturally sweet taste of the sauce fits perfectly with a low-calorie diet and weight reduction plans.

Callowfit ® low calorie sauces are a new way to a healthy diet – they do not contain added sugar or fat, have no flavor enhancers, are lactose-free, low in calories and suitable for vegans.

Full of flavor, light sauces without sugar, without fat and without aspartame go well with various meals, they are an addition to yoghurts, omelettes, oatmeal or desserts.

Callowfit ® sauces not only look like ‘regular’ sauces – they taste like that, although they have no more than 5kcal per serving. Unlike many other zero sauces, Callowfit® sauces are not watery but have a thick, almost creamy texture


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